More about me

Hi there. I’m Daniël van den Berg, IT-professional. I live in The Netherlands (also, incorrectly, known as Holland), Europe. My life started in 1995, and around the age of seven I started to get into programming. Or well, programming… HTML and a bit of CSS. It took me until 2008 to truly get into what you can call programming, using a software called Game-Maker. Ever since, I’ve been hooked.

Game-Maker to me has been a great stepping stone to bigger projects. A lot of the principles I’ve applied there, I’ve been able to apply in other languages too. After growing out of Game-Maker, I started programming in PHP and Java.

In 2011 a game called Minecraft first showed it’s face. It’s a small game I think some of you might have heard of. Relatively soon after coming out, a group of developers started creating a custom server called Bukkit. This server allowed for adding plugins to servers, written in Java. And be honest, who would not get a blast out of combining programming and gaming?

In the past I’ve taken up quite some small IT-related tasks, but only once I started studying Computer Engineering have I really been able to make my hobby into my job. But hobbies will stay hobbies, and I still love to tinker around in my free time, when I’m not busy with married life.

This website mainly serves as a dumping ground for some of my projects. Sometimes I simply need to write something out or be able to run something online, which is when stuff will end up on here.